Dancing our way through Life

I am not a good dancer.  I just thought I should state that very quickly.  If you are looking for new moves for your next Saturday night, you have come to the wrong place!

I have two left feet and trip over them constantly.  I believe that life is one big dance and the world we create is our dance floor.  We can choose to stand over to the side and watch everyone else, we can choose to sit at a table and not even look at the dance floor, or we can just put on our brave face and give it our best wobbly, wiggly moves.  The good part about that is with practice comes improvement.  Sometimes you keep working at it and sometimes you realize it is best to just walk off the floor for awhile…but there will always be a better song, so we must be patient!

We will trip over ourselves and others along the way.  We will constantly have to apologize for stepping on someone’s toes…sometimes by accident and sometimes on purpose. Often, we will dance alone and often we will dance with others…either because we had to or because we wanted to.  Sometimes our dance partner will stay for a moment, awhile, or forever.  We will add other people to our dance floor…some will walk away….and some we will have to ask to leave.  We will also have those that leave because it is simply time….

No matter what your dance looks like…just keep dancing!